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You...Here...The How's

Here's what you need to do in order to be featured on this website as an author! It's not very hard, won't take much of your time. Let's get started.

What you Need to Email Me: (CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME  or if your default email isn't set up: laurahambyauthor at yahoo dot com)

A photo of you

A photo of your book cover

Your biography

A "back cover blurb" of the book you're featuring

A short description of your books, for the links page

A link to purchase your book

Links to any reviews there are of your book

Any links you'd like me to include on the bio your webbie, blog, Twitter, Facebook author page.


Attach ONLY the photos. Do NOT attach your bio, blurb or any links. Please put your bio, blurb and links in the body of the email, and label each so there won't be any confusion. Then, email the whole shebang to me HERE. PLEASE PUT "BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!" in the subject line. 2 reasons: 1. So I'll open it sooner rather than later, and 2. So I don't delete you from my inbox.

Right now, this service is FREE, FREE, FREE! That may change. It may not.

I will email you when you're live on the website. Please allow 7 days to hear that you're live! Please link Books! Books! Books! on your website, blog and Facebook, so we can get some traffic here! Thank you! I look forward to adding you to Books! Books! Books!